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Refreshment Specials

Brochure RFP


Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dip
$48 per doz
Granola Bars Assorted (Nature Valley Bars)
$4 ea..
Whole Fruits (Apples, Oranges etc. )
$3 ea..
Potato Chips
$4 ea..
Mixed Nuts
$4 ea..
Jamaican Patties (Beef, Curry Chicken, Vegetable)
$90. per doz.
$4 ea..
Individual Fruit Yogurts
$4 ea..
Cheddar Cheese Scones/ jam and butter
$48 per doz
Bagels & Cream Cheese
$48 per doz
Assorted Cereal with Dried Fruit (Whole milk, low fat, almond breeze)
$5 ea..
Warm Cinna Buns
$60. per doz


Valentines Special Roast Coffee
$90. per gal
Bottled Water
$4 ea..
Soft Drinks
$4 ea.
Flavored Water (Fruit and Veg infused)
$30 per gal
Fruit Juices (Per Gal)
$70. per gal
Iced Tea
$35. per gal
Homemade lemonade
$65. per gal
Sparkling Water (12oz)
$6. ea..
Red Bull
$6. ea.


Italian Biscotti
$55 per doz
Chocolate Chip Cookies
$55 per doz
Oatmeal Cookies
$55 per doz
Fruit Tartlets Assorted
$55 per doz
Gourmet Macaroons
$60 per doz
Banana Bread (honey cream cheese)
$40 per doz
Chocolate Fudge Brownies
$55 per doz