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Private Pilot

Enjoyed Your Flight? Welcome to Valentines.

Private Pilots

If you prefer flying your own aircraft and stay away from the congestion associated with larger commercial airports, Valentines is the perfect destination. Take in the scenic beauty of Harbour Island or Spanish Wells, and North Eleuthera from the air. Valentines is less than 30 minutes from North Eleuthera Airport. For private pilots we offer our Pilot’s Journey Program so you can enjoy more time at Valentines with your family and friends, whether island hopping and staying for a night or vacationing for several days.

Visit Valentines for our world-famous pink sand beach, world-class yacht and sport-fishing marina, friendly people, and authentic Bahamian architecture. For our many amenities, please visit our Activities page.

For additional details or assistance in getting to Valentines, call 1 (866) 389-6864 or email We’re happy to help.

Private Pilot
Private Piloting in The Bahamas

Be aware that not all islands have fuel, but you’re never more than 20 minutes flying time away from it. The islands that are the closest to the U.S. are Bimini and Grand Bahama. From Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami International Airport Grand Bahama is about 60 NM and Bimini is about 46 NM. Once you arrive on North Eleuthera, follow the directions for arriving via commercial aircraft.

  • Nassau and Freeport have lighted runways—all other airports in the Bahamas require you to arrive between dawn and dusk.
  • When your flight will transit an ADIZ/DEWIZ area. As a private pilot, there is an ADIZ between The Bahamas and Florida. For DVFR flights, the estimated time of ADIZ penetration must b e filed at least 15 minutes prior to penetration. While flying contact flight service before penetration for a customs squawk.
  • “Flight following” is not required, but would be nice to have.
  • At least one life jacket per person is required. A life raft is not required
  • Current customs stickers should be displayed near the left door. (The sticker can be purchased upon arrival in the U.S.). There is no extra charge if you return to the United States and clear customs after regular business hours.
  • For weather information in the U.S. and in The Bahamas, call 1-800-WX BRIEF, 242-377-7178, 242-377-7116.
  • You can bring pet(s) into the Bahamas. A low-cost Import Permit is required here.
  • You must be an instrument rated pilot to fly to Nassau and Freeport after sunset.
Proof of Citizenship

All travelers-including citizens of the various Caribbean nations, Central America, South America, Mexico, Canada and the United States must have a passport to enter or re-enter the United States.


Travel Insurance coverage is available from your Travel Specialist. Let our travel specialists help you with your flight and vacation packages.

Pilot Briefing

North Eleuthera Airport is a port of entry with Bahamas Customs and Immigration, has two 6000′ paved runways, and is man – aged by Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation with Grade 100LL, JET A-1 fuel service. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation has information available to help you plan your flight. Here is the checklists to enter or leave the Bahamas:

eAPIS Requirements

All pilots of private aircraft must electronically submit a passenger/crew manifest to US Customs and Border Protection for all flights leaving and entering the US, as per Department of Homeland Security. The manifest must be submitted in advance of the private aircraft entering the U.S. Valentines has cWiFi access across the hotel grounds to make filing your manifest easier. Below are links to understand and access eAPIS.

Other Helpful Information
Government Airport :
non-towered, airport of entry
Location :
25° 28′ 30″ N / 076° 41′ 01″ W
Field Elevation :
13′ /4m AMSL
Runways : 07: 68° 6,019’x100’ asphalt
25: 248° 6,019’x100’ asphalt
Time Zone :
Unicom Frequency :
122.8 MHz
Fuel Prices :
Posted on
(enter Airport Code MYEH)
Valentines Resort and Marina: Harbour Island

Private pilots receive 10% off room and a complimentary upgrade to Harbour View.